Restoring An Old Motorcycle Helmet Can Save You Money

Instead of throwing away your old motorcycle helmet that you’ve grown to love, trust, and be physically attached to, why not restore it instead?

Restoring your old helmet can bring it new luster and life, and you’ll get all the comfort and fit that you’re used to without having to make any changes. However, if there are any cracks, dents, or other major problems with the helmet, restoring it won’t do any good for its safety rating. In scenarios like this, you’re better off replacing the helmet altogether.

Restoring An Old Motorcycle Helmet Can Save You Money

Restoring An Old Motorcycle Helmet Can Save You Money

New straps, lining, visor, and paint job can all be done for less than the cost of a new helmet. Just think! You could give your old helmet a brand new paint job and finally get it looking like a real winner. Manufacturers of helmets often have instruction booklets you can order that can show you exactly how to replace the lining, straps, and visor according to original specifications. This ensures you do the restoration right the first time and won’t have to double back to replace a part twice.

If your helmet has stickers, they can easily be removed with the help of some rubbing alcohol or certified sticker remover. Leaving the remover to soak for awhile will give you the best results. And, if you’re painting your helmet yourself, it’s best to let the helmet sit for about a month after you paint it before washing. This ensures that you won’t have any of the paint coming off from the warm soapy water.

For giving your helmet shine after you’ve applied the paint, rubbing compound works well for this. It covers up paint and scratch marks and will really add to the gloss of the helmet. Failing to do this will leave your helmet looking like a subpar paint job, and no one wants that. Pressure is something to watch out for when working with a rubbing compound because too much pressure can lead to smudging of the paint, even if it’s been sitting for the appropriate amount of time.

Restoring an old helmet is one way to save yourself some money and keep your baby, but sometimes a new helmet is the way to go. If you have any doubts about the safety of the helmet you’re using, then replacing it would be of utmost importance. And if you want to see a really cool helmet that looks like it’s out of a jet fighter, check out the airoh j106. Top notch looks and performance at a price you can afford.


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